7 Useful Traveling Tips For Those Who Wish To Visit Roman Baths

Inside Roman Baths Museum

Roman Baths, a memorable blur.

I am not sure what state of mind I was in when I booked my trip to England, I booked it on a whim.   I was recovering from my own illness and stressed over my mother’s recent health issues that I was in this temporary daze.    Before I knew it I had booked a flight to England, purchased quite a few day trips and in less than a month I was on my way.

It was unbelievably easy to get to Bath, England and the Roman Baths from London.  It still feels very surreal to me and I don't know how I managed to plan it all in such a short time.

Research, Research, Research! 

Looking back on my travel binder, I realized that London made it extremely easy to visit the Roman Baths and many other must-see attractions.   

Here are some useful traveling tips (what I did and wished I had done):

1.  Tour Guides.   As soon as you book your flight to England, head over to Groupon or similar sites and book all of your excursions.   It’s also a great way to see what other people have purchased and see what else Bath has to offer.  Not only did I get a discount tour to Bath, England but I combined it with a Groupon coupon code and got it for even cheaper.   Hint: Book one excursion at a time, as Groupon will email you after with a discount for future purchases. 

2.   Research Bath.  I learned after visiting Bath that I loved it so much, I didn’t want to leave.  I wished I had researched more and looked into a Coach bus back the next day instead of returning with the tour bus.   Other than the obvious main attraction, I didn’t research the City itself.  The tour I was on had to leave around 4 pm and I feel as though I missed out.  

3.   Bath, England should be seen on its own and not combined with other destinations.  Upon recommendation of TripAdvisor and Groupon, I purchased the Stonehenge/Bath tour bus leaving London’s Victoria Coach Station.  It’s a perfect day trip for those wanting to see the main attractions and nothing else but I felt as though we stayed too long at the Stonehenge and not enough time in Bath.  


Original Post Office
Inside Roman Baths Museum
Roman Baths
Bath England
Bath England Walking Tour


4.  Go on the walking tour.  Your tour guide will give you the option to walk on your own or walk with them, do the latter.     This will save a lot of time then just wandering around and possibly getting lost.  Not to mention, the tour guides are full of information like how Bath has a Jane Austen Centre in dedicated to her, even though she hated the City itself. 

5. Roman Baths.  If you opt for the tour bus to Bath, England then purchase the ticket to the Roman Baths when you arrive.  Many of the people on my bus bought the Roman Baths inclusive of their tour ticket and was forced to do everything on the guide’s schedule.  I, on the other hand, didn’t pre-purchase my ticket.  After the walking tour was over, I went sightseeing.  I casually strolled, admired the architecture and enjoyed the many street performances.  It was then that I realized I wanted to stay longer, I am still kicking myself for not. 

6.  Dining.  Please eat.  I didn’t allocate enough time to try Bath’s Sally Lunn Bun or enjoy the eclectic and contemporary restaurants that Bath has to offer.  

7.  Drinking.  Bath has its own local brewery including Cider and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to drink in another City.   My favourite cider ended up being Bounders and I found myself pounding them back on a patio waiting for the bus ride back home.  If I can stress the importance of order of activities, please drink well in advance of the ride back home.  I should have made visiting the Roman Baths (and related attractions) the last on my list and put bar hopping in the middle.   I had to pee like no one’s business…I managed to release most of it prior to boarding but I knew I couldn’t make it all the way home.  I hopped off that bus way before my stop, found a washroom and then strolled around the neighbourhood.   


Bounders Cider in Bath, England

It’s like you’ve been teleported

It’s hard to believe that Bath, England exists. I had absolutely no idea that a little piece of Rome existed outside of Italy.  I have never been to Italy but if I were to visit Rome, I’d imagine this is what it looks like.   If you decide not to stay here longer than a day then please do as much as you can, you will not regret it.   Do not linger, do not casually stroll, do not picnic in the park.    See as much as you can, Bath has so much more to offer than just the Roman Baths.


Useful Links

Visit the City

Stonehenge/Bath Tour

Ancient History

Bounders Ale



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  1. I didn’t realise there were actual baths in Bath, lol. Cider is my favourite drink and we’re always looking for a good local brew. Thanks for the discount tips!

  2. Using groupOn for discount is an excellent advice. Especially just booking one offer, then wait for an e-mail With more. I will have to remember that. Thanks for the tip.

    Never been to bath but it looks so cool and what an experience it would be to experience a Roman bath. Next time in England I will have to look into it 🙂

  3. Hi Anita, nice informative post. Bath is such a lovely city. I visited the Roman Baths back in 2000, when my sister lived in Bath, and I agree with you – that you should not linger, if short on time, as there is so much to see and do. Your pictures are lovely too. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great tips for visiting the Roman Baths. I was in London last spring, but wasn’t there long enough to venture outside of London. Too bad as Bath looks beautiful and you are right very reminiscent of Italy without being there.

  5. Hey Anita,

    It’s a good guide on what to consider when visiting the Roman Baths. I wish I had read it before I visited the place. Like you, I too didn’t research much and just saw the baths. Missed exploring the city. Perhaps I need to go back.

  6. How have I never heard of the Roman Baths before?? Bath sounds like a charming and fun town, and I LOVE that they have their own brewery! I’m all about trying local brews when I travel. Thanks for sharing about this!

  7. Off late I have been reading a lot about Roman baths. It’s good that writers like you are educating the travelers from across the world about these little known gems. I hope to make it here soon.

  8. The groupon – one at a time – is a brilliant idea! Thank you so much. I haven’t thought about it before, but now that you mention it I see coupons coming from lots of places after I order one time. That is a great tip for any traveling!! We are headed to Greece this summer and I’m going to use this tip!

  9. Thanks for sharing those tips. I visited awhile ago, but I really didn’t follow any of these tips and I believe that deeply impacted my experience there. I’m going to go again, and this time, I’m going to keep these tips in mind and hopefully I’ll have a more memorable trip!

  10. HOW BEAUTIFUL! i visited Europe when i was 12, we went on a summer long tour of all the different countries. We never visited here though! I’m kind of glad we didn’t, because I was an angsty pre-teen back then and I totally didn’t appreciate anything I saw. Now If I went, I’d probably love it more.. especially since I’m past drinking age 😉

    1. I am totally jealous that you are going to Italy, have so much fun. But the Roman Baths are in England, can you believe it? If I didn’t travel there myself, I wouldn’t. lol

  11. Gorgeous photos! I would love to try that cider and see the architecture someday–had no idea this is what Bath was known for. Makes sense!

  12. Bath is one of my favourite cities in all of the U.K.! I’ve never spent more than an afternoon there but it’s just so pretty. I think your post may have inspired me to make the effort to book a long weekend there this summer, and to visit the baths as well as the city.

  13. I haven’t ever been to Bath and neither has my husband which is weird because he’s from England. He said he’s never been most places in England. So I just started planning a trip to Bath for the next time we are in England. Great tips!

  14. I teach about the Roman baths have never been. The ruins look amazing and I like the idea of using Groupon’s. I always use them at home, but forget about them when I’m abroad. Pinning this for later!

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