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Anita snorkelling in Tulum

Welcome to the persistent passport

Words cannot express how happy I am that you've discovered my blog and in a sea of self-expression, you found me.  So why did I call my blog "the persistent passport" ?  The reason is that I've always had this desire to lead a fulfilling life, a word I learned is rather subjective.    No matter how many obstacles were put in front of me or how often my mental health got in the way, I was tenacious and persistent in achieving my dreams...my dream was to travel.   Even though I created this blog to showcase where I've travelled or planning on travelling, it evolved.  

I realized that I had so much to say, not about travelling but about my struggles with mental health.   Yes, blogging about what my inner-critic has to say is very therapeutic and cathartic but I wanted others to see that we're not alone in our thoughts.    Having a mental health illness doesn't mean life is over...its just a little bit harder.   People (me), deserve a life worth talking about and that includes both the negative and positive.     We live in a society that craves positivity and shuns anything that is close to perceived negativity, most of us just call that reality.

This blog's purpose is show that we can become an amazing person and create a life worth living whilst dealing with the roller coast that is called mental health.  

A little more about me...

Hmmm, what can I say?   "Hi, I am Anita Nicole and I struggle with mental health issues."  It's been that way since I was a little girl and while my entire household secretively suffered with the same, no one talked about it (with each other).  It was almost like it was wrong to feel this way and if we exposed ourselves, we would be punished.    

I think, for the most part, I had a typical youth full of insecurities and promise but you can read more about there here: Living with Depression & Anxiety .

Even though I still struggle on a daily basis with depression, anxiety and body image issues, I am very proud of the woman I have become.  I truly believe that a person can be successful in their lives, be grateful for the life they have or created for themselves and still struggle with the roller coaster that is depression & anxiety.

Tell me about yourself...its a lonely world out there; we need each other.


Anita Nicole in Toronto


I would love to hear from you whether its just a comment/message, issues with the blog or that you want to work with me.