Why You Should Learn the Art Of Masturdating

Art of Masturdating in Mexico

Art of Masturdating in Mexico

The Art of Masturdating

The Art of Masturdating simply means, dating oneself.

How many times have you said, “I want to do this” or “I wish I could see that” but instead you sit at home living vicariously through others.  Society has taught us to be co-dependant on our significant others; friends or family.  And those who experience life alone (willingly or not) are seen as anti-social, outcasts or loners.   

Guess what?  You are perfectly normal; it’s this society’s skewed perception of what is right or wrong that is abnormal.

Ladies get out there, DO YOU and master the Art of Masturdating.

The Art of Masturdating in a Movie Theatre

Masturdate, as often as possible

Make it your purpose in life to masturdate, as often as possible.  You shouldn’t be missing out on life experiences just because you may suffer from social anxiety or haven’t met the right people.  The time is now to get up and take yourself on a date!

Here are some ways to ease your way into a life of masturdation:

Start off by going to the movies (do you really need another person?).

Instead of going to a food court at work or school, try getting a table for one at a restaurant and treating yourself.

If and when you do make plans with your friends or family, try going an hour earlier than planned.  Sit at the bar alone, order a drink and enjoy it. 

Before you know it, you’ll be a master of the Art of Masturdating and suddenly everything else doesn’t look that scary.

The Art of Masturdating in the Airport flying to Florida

What are you waiting for? 

Don’t be that person laying on her death bed full of regrets wondering what her life could have been like.   Instead, live a life where you don’t ask yourself, “what if” or “if I could change anything…”.  Learning the Art of Masturdating opens yours eyes and soul. 

If you see other people achieving what you want, tell yourself: I deserve that too.

When you get emotional over other people experiencing things you have an interest in, experience it too - whether its going to the movies, seeing a concert, painting or travelling alone.  

Life is too short to wait for the most opportune moment or hoping to meet someone on the same path in life as you.  Because, its on your journey to self-discovery where you will meet people with the same interests and before you know it, those people you envied will be in awe of you.

*Brushes dirt off shoulder*

The Art of Masturdating in Costa Rica


Some interesting the Art of Masturdating sites.

While this term is still relatively new, people have been masturdating for a long time.  Check out this sites that will definitely inspire you to get out and enjoy life to its fullest. 



You got this!


Leave me a comment on your experiences with Masturdating or maybe something you're still afraid to do; mine is concerts
(working my way up to that one).



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  1. A quick note to say I just discovered your blog and am enjoying it very much! You write well and with passion and honesty. Looking forward to more entries!

    (Buffalo, NY USA)

    1. Thank you so much, can I ask how you discovered my blog? It means the world to me that you are enjoying my thoughts and took the time to send me a message; it makes me want to continue that much more. xo ~ Anita

  2. So I clicked on this article because the title intrigued me and I LOVE it. The whole concept, the way you’ve written it, everything!
    When I’m at home in the UK I take myself to the cinema at least once a week (thank you Universe for monthly membership!) and out for dinner (somewhere more exciting than Subway or McD) fortnightly. Most of my friends and family look at me stupid when I talk about it, as they don’t see how I can enjoy my own company so much. But it’s not about enjoying my own company so much as, like you said, “Life is too short to wait…” and if I want to see that new movie I will bloody well see that new movie!
    I had no idea there was a word for all of that, but girl I am going to be throwing around the term Masturdating like it’s nobody’s business.

    1. Rhiannon, that is amazing. You are giving me life. I cannot express how excited I am that you love Masturdating as much as the rest of us. You should absolutely enjoy everything you want and not have to wait for anyone. 🙂

  3. I haven’t considered this! The title made me laugh too hahaha. Especially as a mom when alone time is hard to come by. Maybe I will go see a movie by myself sometime soon!

  4. I love this! I’ve been single for a while now and felt like I’ve been missing out on a lot of fun couple-y things, but this is awesome!! Only thing I don’t like about being alone, is guys take that as a cue to approach you.

  5. I do this all the time. I learned to master this very early on in my youth. Life goes by way too fast to sit around waiting for your friends to be available. More people should learn to love being alone and that it is perfectly normal. I know way too many people who rely on the company of others. Will be sharing this post with them!

  6. I love shopping by myself but dont go eat or to a movie alone. As a mom, some alone time sounds pretty darn good though!

  7. Great encouraging post. I usually hate doing things by myself mainly because of the way people sometimes look at someone who’s alone. But who cares! You need to live life and do what you want. You go girl! I will go out on my own and sit in a cafe and drink my coffee alone. Nothing wrong with that!!!

  8. This is such an interesting post. Even though I’m dating someone right now, I do a lot of stuff on my own. Having MY time is definitely a must.

  9. This is so important to be able to figure out…how to venture out and experience/interact with the world on your own. A lot of times, it will present you with opportunities you would have never had if you had done it with others.

  10. I love this! I strongly believe that you can’t find happiness with someone else until you find it within yourself first. Such an honest post. 🙂

  11. Love love love this post! I often go off to the cinema on my own, but this year I’m doing a lot of things like country walks, dinner dates and a holiday just for me. It’s so good for your self confidence and mental health.

  12. I had to do a double-take with the title. Good for you to go out and live without waiting around for someone else to enjoy life.Totally with you on this, I travel 99% of the time solo so that means doing everything from visiting places to eating at restaurants by myself. It’s totally liberating! I’ve gone to concerts alone. You can do it too, girl! You got this!

  13. I love this post! I am totally with you! Before i met my husband, I used to go to the movies by myself and sometimes even now when he cant make it. I even go get lunch by myself and people look at me weird but i don’t care! Not here to impress anyone.

  14. The title is so intriguing. It is very important to love and care for oneself. If and only if you love yourself, you can love others. It is very important to pamper yourself and also it gives you enough time to think and introspect. Loved the article.

  15. I must confess, I often enjoy myself more when I choose to as you say “Masturdate”-quite the term. I chose to travel to London last spring alone and it was the most wonderful experience. I often have days for myself as well and nothing beats a date with yourself. I enjoyed your post as usual. Thanks for sharing.

  16. So someone actually said this loud and clear! I’ve been masturdating for 5 years now, and I can completely relate to each word you said here. The more I got comfortable with masturdating, the more I don’t want any stupid company with me. It feels liberating.

  17. When I first read the title, I thought it was going to be something dirty, but I agree that everyone should enjoy their own company before they enjoy another’s. I’ve gone on a lot of masturdates but my favorite was when I went to a Daughtry concert in Okinawa because none of my friends liked rock.

  18. That reference Masturdating took my by surprise! It is certainly a great thing to promote to people who are co dependent on their significants. I was similar to that and didn’t do much on my own. I am married now, but when I was single I should have enjoyed more things on my own.

  19. Super catchy article title! I’ve actually been doing this for quite some time and I’m glad to know I’m not alone. I very much enjoy time with myself. I sometimes go to movies, lunch, and even concerts alone (since I review them as a blogger) and at first I felt really weird but guess what? It was kind of awesome. I ended up talking to people, gave a cute guy my number, and even bumped into old friends at one of the shows. I also have two friends currently traveling alone to Aruba and Japan but besides them other people don’t get it. At the end of the day, regardless of how social or not social I am, I enjoy my own company and don’t need others to validate my own happiness because I’m my own happiness! Nice post.

  20. I’m a pretty shy and awkward person so I’ve always been scared of doing things by myself, but moving to a new city with basically no friends changed that! I’ve gotten a lot better at getting out of my comfort zone and going to museums and restaurants by myself!

    1. That’s amazing, I’ve always been too scared to move and live on my own but lately now I feel like I could totaly do it. I think its wonderful to be able to do things on your own.

  21. Love that it’s known as masturdating!I used to be scared of eating in a restaurant on my own, but now I travel alone and I feel so much more confident! Great article, really enjoyed it.

  22. So true! I remember after my divorce I took myself out on dates to movies & restaurants for Valentine’s day… every time the the waiters would ask if I was waiting for someone, I’d be like no, party of 1! And you’re right, it was a blast! Helped me learn I can be with someone because I wanted to, not because I needed to.

    1. I should really do that…take myself out for valentines day. I feel as though people would look down on me with pitty that I chose that day of all days to treat myself. But you’re right, you wanted to do it and you have every night. I think I will follow in your footsteps 🙂

  23. Love this. Yes everyone needs to learn how to be comfortable out and about on their own. Travelling solo means a lot of dating yourself.

  24. Great post, I do this a little bit but I should really do it a lot more. Going to the cinema on your own is great, feels quite refreshing 🙂

  25. I really love this. I’ve never heard it called “masturdating” before, and what a hilarious name that is sure to get a lot of clicks, but I did have to teach myself to take myself out and treat myself as described.

    Even now that I’m in a serious relationship, I think it’s still important to do things for myself and treat myself now and then without my partner! Wonderful post and thanks for the new term!

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