You Should Experience Stonehenge At Least Once In Your Lifetime

Epic Stonehenge

Experience Stonehenge

An Absolutely Surreal Moment

Seeing the Stonehenge was something I merely dreamt about.  It felt like one day I was laying on my couch watching a documentary about the Stonehenge and next day I was standing in front of it.    I can still feel the raw emotions when I booked the tour, hopped on that bus and witnessed history.

I promise, Stonehenge is worth it

How many people can say they’ve personally seen a Neolithic monument where its purpose is still shrouded in mystery; 1.4 million to be exact.    I also wanted to tell everyone that I stood in front of a historic cemetery / reconstructed solar system created by ancient aliens.  Plus I really wanted bragging rights…there is no shame in that.

Try not to let other negative reviews deter you because not all tours can be fun and exciting; it is the experience that matters.   When you are arrive at Stonehenge, you are shown the Visitors Centre where there is a small cafe to grab a drink and/or a snack, use the washrooms and hop on the shuttle to the main attraction.   Once there, you walk around a roped area with your audio guide and take in the moment.    It is what it is…the Stonehenge.

Epic Stonehenge

Getting there couldn’t be any easier

Let’s start off by saying that I will take any opportunity to save money but I also love convenience.   This tour is pretty affordable and if you research Groupon tours and online discount codes, you can get discounts on top of discounts.  Hint: Buy one tour at a time because they will email you discount codes for future excursions.

Getting to the Victoria Coach Terminal is easy and quick and your voucher will have the meeting time, gate number and travel company information.    The guided tour I chose was the Stonehenge/Bath tour which was absolutely perfect; other tours included other sites but I felt like it would have been too rushed.   The Coach bus was very comfortable and naturally, the tour guides were very informative.  

Upon returning to the City, instead of dropping you back at the Terminal; the bus stopped off at popular Tube stations.  Even though I was tired, I decided to hop off at an area that I didn’t get a chance to explore and walked around.

If only I could turn back time

Apparently in 1977, they reduced direct contact with the stones and subsequently created special access tours where you could jump that precious rope.  Albeit, my trip to England was rather spontaneous, I should have looked into this private tour.    This private tour allows you to get really close to the monument where you can actually see the inner bluestones and well, get some kick-ass sunrise or sunset selfies.     If I ever decide to see the Stonehenge again, this private tour is on my list.

A once in a lifetime moment

Visiting the Stonehenge was a once in a lifetime moment and a decision I will never regret.  This ancient Wonder of the World was a one-day excursion from London and getting there was amazingly easy.  So why not plan an epic trip to London and stop off in Salisbury while you are there. 


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Useful Links

The Monument's History 

Special Access Private Tour


Are you looking forward to seeing the Stonehenge or maybe you’ve already visited.  What did you love and/or hate about your experience? Please Leave a comment below.   



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  1. I’m actually quite embarrassed that I’ve lived my whole life only a 2 hours drive away from Stonehenge but have never been! Yet every time somebody from outside of the U.K. asks for recommendations on where to go, I always suggest Stonehenge. I’m so glad that it went beyond your expectations, and your account may just have given me even more incentive to finally visit!

    1. That’s too funny. I have a friend who was born not too far from Salisburg and I am sure she can relate to you. Although I feel like most of us don’t take advantage of sites close to home; its always the foreign destinations that seem way more attractive

  2. Seeing the Stonehenge is totally on my bucket list! And I will be sure to avoid the negative reviews and head over there. It’s good to know that it is super easy to get there. It’s amazing that this site is still a mystery as to its purpose!

  3. Thanks for this good info on the tour. I’d love to do the private tour if I ever go(I sure hope too-it’s definitely on my must-see places list!). I know what you mean about visiting a place and just can’t believe you’re really there! That happened to me when I went to the Grand Canyon last year…it’s just incredible standing in front of something ancient and magnificent.

  4. We considered visiting Stonehenge a few years ago while we were in England, but opted to spend an extra day in London. We read so many mixed reviews about it, that we opted not to visit the monument. I really hope to get back someday after reading this post.

  5. Wow this is incredible and def one of to-do list! It’s great to know that it is quite easy to get there, thanks for sharing and remembering us about doing this asap!

  6. Stonehenge is on my list of places to visit but I haven’t gotten around to it, despite the fact that I frequently visit London.

    I had no idea that you could book a tour to the inner circle. Did you find that you had enough time to visit Bath as well?

  7. I took this exact Stone Henge tour setting off from Victoria Station. What I am most impressed with from your review is the fact that you still had the energy when you got back to explore a new area! I too loved the tour and took amazing photos!

  8. I have been to Stonehenge and must agree that it is a must in one’s lifetime. We sadly weren’t allowed to get too close and there was construction around it during our visit so our photos didn’t come out as nice as yours. We went on a tour and did get quite a bit of time to take photos and learn some brief history. It is a great day trip to add with going to the Roman Baths 🙂

  9. Thanks for inspiring me to do something that I have been saying I wanted to do for ages!! I am going to check out groupon now to see what deals they have!

  10. I agree that it is definitely worth a visit! I still remember the goosebumps I had when walking around the stones! The mystery around its purpose and how they are set up is just so interesting!

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